4 Home Remedies to Get Rid of the Maryland Squirrels Naturally

While the squirrel may appear fluffy and cuddly, they can still cause some serious damages to our property. The fruits and floral bulbs that are growing in our yard can be destroyed. The squirrels also need to control the growth of their incisors. Therefore, they will be chewing different materials inside the house. They can also spread parasites and zoonotic diseases.

Homemade Solutions to Help You Get Rid of the Baltimore Squirrels Naturally
Natural and non-chemical solutions are the best choice in driving away nuisance Baltimore animals. It is not hazardous to your health and most of them are legal. Here are some of the best choices in getting rid of the squirrels.

Keeping Your Place Clean
Maintaining the cleanliness of your yard is essential if you don not want to attract the attention of the squirrels. It is also crucial to thwart the invasion of other pests. Be sure to clear the fallen nuts in your yard. Harvest the fruits in advance. If you have a compost pit, be sure that it is covered properly. Regular cleaning of your yard will not only guarantee that your place is free from vermin. It also improves the aesthetic appearance of your property.

Adopt a Dog
Another excellent way to keep away from squirrel invasion is to have a dog patrolling your yard. Squirrels will not confront animals that are larger than them and will quickly flee if there is a sign of danger. In case you already own a dog, you must encourage them to play frequently on the garden. Dogs are territorial creatures and they will immediately chase any creatures that invaded your yard.

In case the squirrels are attracted on your planted bulbs, you may want to consider adding mulches to your soil. Squirrels are irritated when digging on a soil filled with mulches. In case your problem with squirrel persists, consider introducing stone that will be difficult for them to lift. We recommend using gravels since this will make it difficult for the squirrels to dig on the soil. You can also plant bulbs that will not attract the attention of the squirrel like snowdrops, allium, and daffodils.

Scare them with Human Presence
Squirrels look at humans as a huge predator. The best way to scare them is to collect human hair and place them on the area that the squirrels will often visit. You can also put it on the entry points of the squirrels. This will likely scare them away since they will think that there is a human closeby. You can easily ask a couple of hair strand from your local salon. Another way to discourage them is to play a radio close to their nesting ground. Simply tune it on the talk station.

Watching the cute squirrel run and retrieve the nuts is fun as long as they stay in their natural environment. Once they made it inside your house, the damages that you may incur can lead to expensive repairs. Try the methods above to keep them away.

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