An Overview on Identifying the Opossum’s Track

You will find the track of the opossum easily recognizable since their footprint will show 5 toes that will resemble the feet of a child. Their hind feet have an opposable inner toe that will remind you of the human thumb. The track of their front feet can measure at around 2 inches in terms of diameter while the hind feet will be slightly bigger. You will usually find the tracks within your premises. The opossum will leave their tracks on snow, soft soil, and muds. It will also be coupled by a drag mark that indicates the tail of the opossum.

Complete Guide on the Track of the Maryland Opossum
Baltimore opossum are marsupial creatures that can be found in North America. They have prehensile tail that they can use for grasping, balancing, climbing, and it also stores additional fat that the animal can use when there is a scarcity of food supply. While the animals do not usually carry infectious diseases and they have an unaggressive behavior, you still don’t want them anywhere near your property. In order to eliminate them during the early phase of infestation, you should look for the signs of their presence such as animal track.

Front Track of Baltimore Opossum
If you have a very detailed track, the identification of the animal would be relatively simple. It would be very simple to distinguish the opposable toe print which appears like a thumb. In case you observe it carefully, an opossum front track print will also show the claw marks. Since they also have the claw marks, it is not that uncommon to think that you have a raccoon print. You should consider the dimension of the print to help you accurately determine the culprit of the infestation.

Hind Track
When the opossum leaves their track on a mud, you will clearly notice the opposable toe on their hind print. There is a marsupial species in Australia who shares the same feature but only the opossum will show an opposable thumb on the wildlife creatures of North America. However, the thumb will not show any sign of claw marks.

The opossum track will normally be found together. There are also instances when they will overlap since opossums are known for moving in a shuffling manner. It is also not uncommon to encounter tracks near the trees, downspouts, and deck railings. By observing the tracks carefully, you will be able to identify the direction that the creature has headed to.

Once you spot a track of the opossum in your yard, this can mean that you are facing an ongoing infestation. They can carry parasites and will often end up in conflict with our pets. You should contact an opossum removal specialist to guarantee that the pesky critters will be removed humanely from your property. They should have a well-trained technician that can accurately identify the track and also have the necessary tools to ensure that you will not be exposed to possible infestation in the future.

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